About Us

Our Purpose

Pink Ink Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising and donating funds that allow breast cancer survivors to proceed with the last step of their breast cancer journey: 3D areola restoration.

Our Giving

Survivors must complete a grant application and submit financial documents in order to be considered. Each grant is determined by a sliding scale and based on the grantee's financial need.

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It was "life normalizing"

"After  my double mastectomy and reconstruction, I had 3D areola  tattoos done.  Better than life changing, they are life NORMALIZING!  When I look in the  mirror I no longer see breast cancer, I just see  me!"  


it Changed the Way I see myself

 "[Areola tattooing] changed the way I look at myself ... I feel somewhat normal again!" 


I feel whole again

 "My 3D areola tattoos are beyond amazing.  It was the final  touch to make me  feel whole again after my recent breast cancer  journey."   

A Survivor Shares Her Cancer & Areola Tattooing Story

Our Founder

Shannon Housley, Founder

In 2019, Shannon Housley underwent a 100-hour certification from the world renowned areola artist Mandy Sauler at the University of Penn Medical Center.

From that point on, she began to personally understand just how healing and impactful areola tattooing was for women who survived breast cancer.

She heard countless stories about their renewed self-confidence, how it was so "life changing"... even a "life-normalizing" procedure.

With some areola artists charging $700, $950, and even $1,100... Shannon hoped to make it more affordable for everyone--pricing 3D areola tattooing between $300 and $375.

But even then, some women just weren't able to afford that ...especially given the financial hardships created by cancer.

So she created the Pink Ink Foundation in hopes of helping even more women take the final healing step of their breast cancer journey. 

Change a life today!

Your support and contributions will enable us to provide grants for breast cancer survivors to complete the final step of their breast cancer journey. Your generous donation will help us change the lives of more women.

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